A beautiful blonde with green eyes and a small body on her bed

A beautiful blonde with green eyes and a small body on her bed

Lying on her mattress covered with flowery sheet, the young woman sketches a very light smile, the lips slightly half-opened. Blonde and wearing glasses, she is abandoned to the liking of the beautiful stallion that she fixes of her green eyes. She moves her pelvis and reflects her impatience to be possessed.

In the heart of the subject

The beautiful stallion extends caresses from his chest to his flat belly and sends his fingers in his wet slit.
He sketches a smile to which the young woman answers before slipping his member in the opening present between the hairs. His penis rubs on the vulva of his lover who lets escape soft cries.

The knowing hands of the man stick his body against hers by kneading her breasts and by playing with her nipples.
The wife sends her hand between her thighs to jerk off the excess centimeters that spurt out from between her legs.

Noticing that he cannot prevent any more the jolts of his device, he lets squirt the first jet in the slit of pleasure before finishing to ejaculate on the smiling face of the splendid young lady.

She savors the white sauce while passing her tongue on her cheek. The whole by making a wink with the beautiful lover who will have made of her a satisfied and happy woman.

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