A beautiful blonde with green eyes in a bikini takes a selfie

A beautiful blonde with green eyes in a bikini takes a selfie

With a golden blond hair, the young woman is beautiful. Adorned with a black lingerie, she displays her beautiful body. Her green eyes, her fine nose and her small mouth characterize her beautiful face. Lower down, her rounded breasts hold in a bra and her flat belly lengthens to a brief that hides her intimacy. In her apartment, she would be joined by her lover for a night of love.

A night of sex until dawn

The two young people intend to make love all night long. They have not seen each other for months and want to make up for lost time. The blonde would take the lead in possessing her man with her hands by the neck.

She would kiss him tenderly and would remove her top to deposit kisses on his bust. She would go down slowly to his lower abdomen and would open the fly to let fall the pants. The breathing of the beautiful man would accelerate and the beautiful blonde would seize the cock. She would suck it greedily. Once the machine was well erect, she would go and sit on the height of the bed and find herself with her legs spread and her sex completely gaping.

He would hold her neck with his sparkling hand and invite his bud into her. A satiny chasm that his big cock would have the leisure to invest while the blonde caressed her back and buttocks. The dawn would appear before the spouses stopped loving each other.

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