A blonde girl performs oral sex on her best friend sitting on a chair

A blonde girl performs oral sex on her best friend sitting on a chair

The young blonde dreamed for a long time to have sex with her best friend, but was afraid of the reaction of the latter. She finally decided to try her luck and it worked. Sitting on a chair, the blonde with small breasts enjoys the cunnilingus that his partner makes him.

A risk that pays off

She had always been in love with her best friend, but didn’t know if the feeling was mutual. While they discussed everything and nothing, the blonde seduced her partner with her ember gaze that was insistent. She went in a series of caresses at the beginning shy, but more released thereafter in view of the receptivity of her friend.

After having put themselves mutually naked, the two blondes let themselves go to their moment of pleasure. Without other preliminaries, the blonde with the clear hair began to lick wonderfully the intimacy of her companion.

Not leaving of the glance the active tongue of her partner in her pussy, the young woman with the dark hair traversed of one of her hands the braid of her companion while the second arm held her grip. Taken by a sudden orgasm, she stretched on the chair and pressed with all her strength the hand of her best buddy.

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