A young blonde with blue eyes and big boobs poses for a picture in a pool

A young blonde with blue eyes and big boobs poses for a picture in a pool

A pool of a magnificent ocean blue receives the warm visit of a splendid creature. She stares with her soft blue eyes at her lover with whom she enjoys this idyllic moment. He takes a picture of her and can’t help but admire the marvel he has for companion. In a bikini of pink color, her fleshy breasts point while letting hover the need to be kneaded by the knowing hands of the handsome.

An attractive softness

The soft and insistent glance of the blonde would make lose the head to his man. Abandoned to this growing desire which takes little by little the control of his being, his lover advances slowly towards her.

The beautiful man has by the size the fine blonde who smiles. She enjoys playing the innocent victim while the man deposits soft kisses on her twin towers. He then has the pink nipples between his lips which makes the blonde sigh with pleasure. The gesture is accompanied by warm caresses along her body and contrasted with the coldness of the water they were enjoying.

Lost in the assaults of the expert hands of her man, she notices his big cock only once this last one introduced in her den at the bottom of water. She hiccups of pleasure, and has hardly the time to get used to the sensation that he begins to go back and forth in her pussy.

Taken of face, the young woman moans in the name of their inflamed dance. Her companion, determined to take her into an ocean of ecstasy, rocks the ocean blue water to the rhythm of his thrusts. The two partners give it their all until they enjoy their shared passion.

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