Beautiful blonde tattooed takes a sexy pose in a comfortable chair

Beautiful blonde tattooed takes a sexy pose in a comfortable chair

The pretty blonde has since young a passion for bodybuilding. A sport practice more common among men but in which she managed to distinguish herself. Unlike most of her other female colleagues in the discipline, the practice of bodybuilding has not more or less altered her physical beauty.

She retains her dream body by displaying a flat muscular stomach, voluptuous breasts and teasing hips. A state of affairs that also allows her to lead in parallel a career as a renowned stripper.
After all, it is rare to see a woman cumulate two activities so opposite, one calling for the force and the other for the sensuality.

The beautiful blonde often invited for private sessions of bodybuilding & striptease

The bodybuilding & striptease, it is a concept invented from scratch by the beautiful blonde. In order to distinguish herself from her fellow strippers, she simply decided to design a choreography that involves both sensual and energetic movements.

Very soon, her erotic dance numbers all in muscle have pleased her public used to perform regularly in a cabaret. But beyond her public representations, the beautiful blonde is now solicited for paid bodybuilding & striptease sessions with particular customers as it is the case this time in the intimacy of a hotel room.

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