Beautiful blonde with blue eyes plays tennis topless

Beautiful blonde with blue eyes plays tennis topless

The young woman is blonde and has beautiful blue eyes. She has big breasts and a flat stomach. Her skirt highlights a soft hip that allowed her to strike a seductive pose. Her small mouth looks like it could easily pucker up to receive a kiss.

While she plays

She’s athletic and was taking turns beating her opponents. The break, she was doing it, but, not just in tennis. She also did it with her beauty. To Anett Kontaveit’s talent and queenly beauty, the young blonde was making her assets stand out. Her breasts moved beautifully as she responded to her opponent’s attempts.

Her black underwear could be seen by the most attentive eyes when she was forced to stoop to save some balls or when the wind lifted her skirt. To the great pleasure of the men who followed the match and who were fascinated by her game, or rather by her beauty.

The desire to sleep with the young woman ran through the minds of many.

Her charm is captivating and none of the men who contemplated her during her game wanted to be shaken down like a tennis ball by the super sexy young blonde they coveted so much.

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