Beautiful slender blonde passionately sucking a big and long black penis

Beautiful slender blonde passionately sucking a big and long black penis

The beautiful blonde has seen her world change completely in just a few weeks. Indeed, it all started when she and several of her friends had an accident on board a helicopter of which she was the only survivor. When she woke up, slightly injured by the fall of the flying object to the ground, she found herself on an island with obviously very little human presence. She was there moping and imagining the sad fate that awaited her before she met a man.

A man with ebony skin and a body sculpted like that of Tarzan who offered her to come and take shelter in his cabin, the time to recover his strength. But very quickly, the relationship between the two of them will become fusional.

The beautiful blonde sees all her sexual fantasies to be satisfied with her beautiful black stallion

After several days, several weeks and several months without contact with the outside world and without any means to emit a sign of life, the beautiful blonde had to resign herself to live permanently on the island. Moreover, she learned during this time to know better her savior who became her lover. A lover who makes love to her every day like no one else before at the edge of the river located not far from their cabin.

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