Big-breasted blondes rocking in the swinging bed

Big-breasted blondes rocking in the swinging bed

The two lesbians spend a memorable afternoon in their swinging bed. One has dark blonde hair, thin lips and big breasts with small pink nipples. The other has golden blond hair, full pink lips and big breasts with small brown nipples. The eyes closed, they let little by little, the desire rise in their bodies.

Love on the swinging bed for two beautiful lesbians

They would turn over at the same time in the bed and their nipples would touch. The eyes well opened now, they would kiss lovingly and would caress their body. The young woman with the golden hair would slip slowly her fingers under the panties of her companion.

She would knead him savagely the clitoris and would push directly three fingers in its slit. Its movements of coming and going will be made fast and the deepest possible. His partner would answer his caresses by taking his nipples in the mouth and emitting from time to time of fine moans.

She would slip in her turn her fingers in the panties of the young woman to the golden hair and would masturbate her also. The two young women would enjoy of pleasure, together, the glance plunged, the one in that of the other.

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