Blonde with big boobs takes a selfie in her bathroom

Blonde with big boobs takes a selfie in her bathroom

The selfie, this fashion which consists in taking a picture of oneself is one of the activities of this blonde with big breasts. She loves her body and likes to take pictures of herself.

A blonde with a dream body

She has beautiful breasts which are also voluminous. It is a seductive asset which she uses without reserve. It is not uncommon to see her wearing a transparent top without a bra to go on a date.

This can be useful in her job as a salesman. In this context, she has to use all her intellectual as well as physical assets to bring a prospect to sign a contract.

Some of the men they prospect do not hesitate to make advances to her.

A rather reserved blonde, but…

In spite of her provocative dress, this blonde remains a bit introverted. She has a little difficulty to be open with people she doesn’t know. The best way to see her real face is to put her at her ease and to establish a relationship of trust.

There, she reveals herself under her airs of infernal dominatrix eager for sex. She is rather active and likes to take things in hand, during sex she is the one who manages everything.

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