Blonde with small breasts and blue eyes takes a selfie on her bed

Blonde with small breasts and blue eyes takes a selfie on her bed

The pretty blonde has a clear skin, definitely soft to the touch, fleshy pink lips and a relatively flat stomach. She’s sitting on her bed, wearing only a pair of shorts and taking a selfie.

She would certainly like to be joined by her bewitchingly handsome boyfriend so that he fucks her roughly. Her big pink nipples are wildly hardened and her blue eyes are bright with desire.

Masturbation for the little blonde

She sends her pictures to her lover and lies on her back in bed. Her hands knead her breasts and her fingers begin to titillate her nipples. She caresses the flat of her stomach and then slowly removes her shorts. She sinks a finger in the slit to realize their wetness. She sucks the finger and puts two fingers back in her slit.

She begins slow back and forth movements and increases the pace as the desire rises. She takes her vibrator and places it on her nipples in turn. Its deliciously opened lips leave fine moans of pleasure. The wave of enjoyment crosses her backbone and she collapses on the bed, the smile on her lips and her fingers wet in the mouth.

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