Blonde with small breasts at the edge of a pool with high heels

Blonde with small breasts at the edge of a pool with high heels

The blonde with a slim figure and average height recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. A step which means for the young teenager the opening towards still unexplored universes such as sexuality. So when her boyfriend of the moment invites her to spend a weekend together at his parents’ house on a trip, she has no problem with it.

After all, it’s a time to be relaxed after her recent graduation and to enjoy the summer period before college classes start.

This Saturday morning, in the company of her prince charming, they take advantage of a small tanning session at the edge of the sumptuous swimming pool of the villa of the parents of this last one. But being in the mood to make naughty experiments, the two lovebirds decide to spice up their morning.

The splendid blonde lets her boyfriend take erotic pictures of her in the open air

To have a little more fun together, the two young couple did not find better than to play the one to the photographer and the other to the erotic female model. Equipped with his high definition camera, the young friend does not hesitate to capture the different angles of the naked body of his girlfriend.

The latter to make the experience more interesting has also worn high heels borrowed from the little sister of her man.

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