Cowgirl exposes her intimacy in an outdoor ride with the horses

Cowgirl exposes her intimacy in an outdoor ride with the horses

She wears a denim vest open in the front, a scarf knot at the neck, leather bracelets and her cowgirl hat. Her blonde hair is straight and falls down her back. She has glowing pale skin, a relatively flat stomach and large breasts with small pink nipples. The blonde’s full pink lips are slightly open and her vaginal lips are swollen with desire.

The cowgirl fucks a cowboy in front of the horses

The blonde is confident of her sex appeal and she is ready to use it to seduce her beautiful stud and fulfill her fantasies. Thus dressed, she knew that she could not pass unnoticed in front of him. When he enters in his field of vision, she fixes him of the glance and communicates him explicitly her desires.

Her tongue caresses her lips and her teeth nibble them. The cowboy, out to walk his animals also, gets closer to her, tightly holds her against him and kisses her passionately. His hand grabs one of her breasts and he kneads them well. He takes the second nipple in mouth and sucks it greedily while titillating the other nipple. The blonde pushes her fingers in the hair of her lover and emits acute moans.

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