Luscious blonde with big buttocks poses for a photo in a bathroom

Luscious blonde with big buttocks poses for a photo in a bathroom

The gorgeous blonde is in the shower and poses beautifully for a photo. She brings her right hand in her platinum gold hair and the other hand is put on one of her fleshy legs. Her big buttocks are irresistible and call for sex. She turns her head so that her beautiful face comes out in the picture.

With a happy face, the beautiful blonde imagines moments of sex in the shower. And it must be said that she is in the ideal position to be pleasantly fucked by her spouse.

A hold from behind

The beautiful stallion sticks his pelvis on the posterior of the young woman and they kiss passionately. He does not fail to walk his left hand on his twin towers that he caresses promptly. He makes slide slowly his second hand on the belly of his spouse and then brings it in her pussy.
The young man pushes a finger, then two, then three what makes her moan. She has hardly time to take again her spirits when the big present of her lover invites in his turn in her well of love. The pleasure is multiplied tenfold by attesting its noisy and incessant cries of joy.

The Apollo uses his middle finger to stimulate her clitoris while he invests without sparing efforts her pussy. She agitates, screams of all her forces until a jet escapes from her bladder.

The young lover, withdraws his device and makes her an incredible cunnilingus for a second orgasm. The two partners finish then their idyllic moment by taking together a cold shower. 

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