Pretty blonde is covered with semen on her face in a bathroom

Pretty blonde is covered with semen on her face in a bathroom

Last night, the beautiful brunette received once in bed erotic advances from her husband who wanted to sleep with her. But she wished not to satisfy the desires of the latter, claiming a strong fatigue due to the whims of their children during the day. Her man had to sleep with a bruised heart for not having been able to satisfy his libido with his sweetheart.

Nevertheless, he did not want to despair at the least. At dawn, he brought up his approach to have sex with his wife. But still stubborn not to enter into vigorous carnal lovemaking with her man, the beautiful brunette once again refused to give in to his impulses and got up from the bed to go to the bathroom.

The beautiful blonde finally agrees to give a treat to her man

While she was brushing her teeth, her husband came back to the charge with this time more sensual ways made of soft words, caresses and kisses on the neck. So much charm that finally did not leave indifferent the beautiful brunette. Thus, after a good half hour of blowjob performed to her husband, she receives several spurts of sperm on the face and chest.

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