Sexy blonde with clear blue eyes shows her curves on the terrace

Sexy blonde with clear blue eyes shows her curves on the terrace

She is standing, her bust arched forward, her backside pushed back. The pose is highlighted by the flatness of her stomach and her long tapered legs. The beautiful blonde has a clear skin, thin shoulders and the curve of her breasts would fit perfectly in a palm. She put black bracelets on her left wrist and her blonde curls come down to her belly. The caresses of her luscious pink lips would make a saint damn.

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The blonde would love to be joined by a beautiful black apollo with a very imposing member. She would crouch down to take it in her hand and caress it tenderly. She would then take it in the mouth to make slow movements of back and forth. When she would feel that it approaches the orgasm, she would rise to hang on the barrier beside her.

She would present her backside to him and he could then fuck her through her asshole. His movements would be slow at first to make the pleasure last. He would then increase the rate and depth of his thrusts. The blond would emit cries of moans in front of the intensity of his intrusions.

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