Splendid bl wave with blue eyes takes a sensual pose in the stairs

Splendid bl wave with blue eyes takes a sensual pose in the stairs

The beautiful blonde would probably like to test a sex game against the wall of the stairs. Her blue eyes seem to pierce the one of her lover and challenge him at the same time to resist to her charm. She wears a small chocolate dress, bare back, from which she removed the strings to reveal her white panties and her round and firm breasts. She has pink lips, a satiny matt skin, a flat belly and her nails, carefully manicured are covered with pink varnish. She emits a fine smile at the corner of her mouth as she sees her lover yield to her invitation.

A part of sex in the stairs

He would tackle her against the wall and kiss her frantically, his fingers kneading her breasts. The idea that they could be surprised increases their libidos to the highest point. With agitated gestures, he would get rid of his pants to penetrate abruptly in the wet slit of the blonde. He would give him backstrokes at the same time deep, fast and intense. His fingers would cover the mouth of the blonde to prevent her moans from drawing attention to them. He would know everything about them, very quickly, an orgasm surging.

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