Two beautiful blonde maids kiss in the apricot field

Two beautiful blonde maids kiss in the apricot field

The two beautiful maids have decided to spend a pleasant afternoon in the apricot fields far from the hacienda and the incessant orders of the housekeeper. They are dressed in their work clothes, a little black and white dress and they wear sexy stockings.

One has dark skin, golden blond hair, thin shiny pink lips and a graceful neck. The other one has light skin, dark blond hair and full, matte pink lips. The light blonde, holds her lover by the neck to kiss her tenderly as she slowly removes her dress.

Two lesbians make love in the shelter of the eyes

They would kiss passionately, and undress each other. The light blonde would lay her lover on the floor and position herself above her. Her kisses would spread over her neck, her stomach, her crotch and then return to her mouth. The blonde with the matt skin would reverse her companion and would take the top in its turn.

She would close her fine lips around the nipples of her lover and would suck them greedily in turn. The glance veiled by the desire, she would position her head in her crotch to lick her clitoris. When the desire would start to rise dangerously in her body, the blonde would firmly grasp the hair of the young woman between her legs.

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