Two blonde lesbians kiss and masturbate each other on a dining table

Two blonde lesbians kiss and masturbate each other on a dining table

For these two beautiful women, the place where to spend a pleasant moment of pleasure does not matter. All naked, they let contemplate their sublime bodies and their beautiful tarnished and perfectly chubby breasts. Their tongues intertwine sensually in order to provide them with an intoxicating pleasure which can make them discover erotic horizons of the most exciting.

A mutual masturbation

While they are playing with their tongues in the most extravagant way, these two bombshells are trying to masturbate each other.

Supported by sensual movements of their bodies of goddess, they begin at first with caresses all flaccid as those of a feather. One of them sits down on the dining table, giving a sumptuous view of her wet pussy.

Taking the trouble to bend one of her legs well, she spreads her legs wide so that her partner is comfortable. Her perfect posture gives her unlimited pleasure with her intimacy receiving the treatments of her partner’s expert fingers. Light caresses of her erect clitoris prepare her trip to the gates of orgasm.

At the same time, the games of tongues increase in intensity under the effect of the pleasure which they feel both. They finish by caressing each other the pussy by letting hear light moans sign of their enjoyment.

To conclude in beauty, they offer themselves a wonderful 69 on the dining table. That’s what makes them push deafening cries of orgasm proving their satisfaction after this moment of madness.

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