Two blondes in sensuality masturbate sitting on a gymnastic ball

Two blondes in sensuality masturbate sitting on a gymnastic ball

The sports game looks deep and intense for the two blonde lesbians. They have thin lips, a slim waist and smooth, shiny skin. One of them has tied her hair in a ponytail and strict and the other one has let fall some locks on the front. The two lesbians wanted to share a moment of pleasure with each other.

Clitoral massage and fingering for two hot lesbians

They are sitting on a gym ball, their mouths slightly open and their eyes closed. They savor the intensity of the moment and the heat that rises in them. The blonde with the strict bun penetrates with two fingers the vagina of the other one who visibly lets herself go by the sensation.

Her two nipples are stretched to the extreme. She would like well that her second accelerates her rhythm and also takes care of her clitoris. She would like that she tastes his semen then kisses it tenderly.
She would enjoy feeling the fruity taste of her wetness in her mouth.

She would fill the room with the screams of her pleasure before exploding in a myriad of sensations. The second blonde would also enjoy receiving a wonderful cunnilingus and watching her taste her wetness. The mixture of the two flavors in their mouths would taste like the most exquisite nectar.

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