Two young blondes make love on a sofa

Two young blondes make love on a sofa

The two young women have always been attracted to each other, but never had to tell each other. At the end of a drunken evening, they were able to get closer and exchange. The conversation ended up in a sex party.

A very first communion for the two blondes

The two women with slim silhouettes took pleasure. The one sitting in the sofa sucked greedily the nipples of the other as if to extract milk. She seems to take pleasure in it considering the aspect of her face. The beautiful blonde holds her companion by the waist and exercises back and forth on her clitoris with her hand.

The one who is being fucked seems to literally get off on it as she grabs her left paw with one of her hands. Soft moans also come from her lips. She nibbles her partner as a clear sign of a pleasure that keeps on rising.

After having reached the orgasm thanks to the rubbing of her partner, the young blonde also ventures to make her partner cum. She kisses her languidly before enforcing her fingers in her pussy while making circular movements on the clitoris.

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