Beautiful blonde on the bed pushes a hand into her vagina

Beautiful blonde on the bed pushes a hand into her vagina

The husband of the beautiful blonde is not at her side for two weeks because of a professional trip. A situation of absence manageable the first days but which today proves more difficult to support for the beautiful woman. Indeed, despite their regular contact through phone calls and mobile chat applications, the lack of human warmth and romantic companionship are more and more felt by the beautiful blonde.

Also, she no longer has the opportunity to satisfy her lustful desires as a woman in her thirties who needs more than ever to be sexually fulfilled. To make up for this last lack, she had the choice between infidelity and masturbation. The second option seemed to her more judicious.

The beautiful blonde jerks off passionately lying on the marital bed

To stimulate her pleasure center, the pretty blonde preferred to go the old-fashioned way rather than resorting to sexual gadgets. Once her hand is properly lubricated, she penetrates it deep into her vaginal area in order to excite her clitoris for a most pleasurable orgasm. With her eyes closed, she imagines herself making love to her husband, whose scent can still be smelled on their sheet.

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