Beautiful blondes in underwear at the farm show their buttocks

Beautiful blondes in underwear at the farm show their buttocks

They are two gorgeous blondes, one a golden blonde and the other a dark blonde. The young woman with dark blonde hair has brown eyes, full pink lips and a bracelet on her wrist. She is wearing a white bikini with big black weights inside. The second blonde woman has thin pink lips, black eyes and three wristbands.

She is wearing a white bra and blue panties. The two young women weigh their buttocks, their faces beaming. They would probably like to make unforgettable memories of their time on this farm full of trees and shrubs.

Two lesbians make love in a green setting

They kiss lovingly while kneading each other’s buttocks. They lie down on the ground and the blonde with the fleshy lips withdraws the bra of her lover. She admires her small breasts while smiling to him before taking a nipple in her mouth.

She sucks it greedily by titillating the second breast. Her partner arches forward, as if to show that she appreciates her sucking. She also emits fine moans of pleasure, the fingers inserted in her golden locks. She would like well that the caresses of her lover go down in her crotch to offer him a good cunnilingus.

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