Cute blonde with nice breasts is photographed wearing a necklace

Cute blonde with nice breasts is photographed wearing a necklace

The beautiful blonde has not always had an easy life. During her childhood, she was confronted with many atrocities related to poverty and war in her country. But with her beauty and her particular manners from a very young age, her parents and her entourage were convinced that she would escape from a fatal fate.

Since she was a teenager, the pretty blonde had been nurturing the dream of becoming a famous supermodel after seeing a picture of a beautiful blonde woman like herself on the cover of a magazine at the age of 14.
When she had the opportunity, she did not hesitate to leave her homeland for other less hostile lands in order to fulfill her dream.

The pretty blonde all tense for her first professional photo

After a complicated journey and an integration no less easy in her host country, the beautiful blonde after many efforts was finally spotted by a top model agency. For her first as a photo model, she was called to realize an erotic photo promoting a necklace with a heart-shaped ring.

For this first experience, she is not totally comfortable in front of the lens. It is not necessarily what she dreamed but she says to herself that it is normal for a beginning and that it will be better with time.

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