The two pretty blondes pose naked in front of a mirror with phones

The two pretty blondes pose naked in front of a mirror with phones

It is going to make soon two years that the two blondes lesbians put themselves in couple. A love relationship that they live since then with the same passion as since their first meeting. Most of the time, they do not try to take the head while thinking about the future. Both models for two different agencies, they sometimes don’t see each other for days or weeks.

But each time they meet again, their union remains closer with the sharing of warm attentions. When they are on vacation as it is the case now at the end of the summer period, the two pretty blondes simply like to spend most of their time walking around and shopping in luxury boutiques.

The two lesbian blondes take together erotic pictures with their last bought phones

After having redone their wardrobe at great cost, the two beautiful blondes decided to make a last financial folly by buying each the last model of smartphone in vogue on the market. They decide to test the image resolution by taking some pictures.

But very quickly, the satisfying experience becomes more and more interesting and they decide to move on to nude shots showing among other things their luscious little breasts and their shaved pussies.

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