Two blondes with thin bodies take selfies wearing caps

Two blondes with thin bodies take selfies wearing caps

They are two blondes with thin bodies. They are standing next to each other and take a selfie. The eyes fixed on the smartphone, the two young women show beautiful breasts, a flat stomach and thin legs. They both wear caps and feel an inexplicable attraction for each other.

They make love

The blonde with the black cap would like to lay her friend on the ground and feeds her body with hugs. She would like to caress her beautiful breasts, her pelvis and her little ass. She will probably moan when her partner puts her nipples in her mouth to suck them with desire.

The woman in the black cap would kiss her best friend’s little mouth, whose tasty taste she can already imagine.
Finally, she will spread her legs sensually and lather her pussy with cream until she reaches orgasm.

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