Two nurses are naked in a consulting room

Two nurses are naked in a consulting room

The beautiful, shapely blonde and the cute, slender brunette have been working in the same clinic for several months and are at the service of the same doctor. A doctor that they help every day in his role of bringing satisfaction to his patients. But what the other workers at the clinic and the patients who visit it don’t know is what happens after the day is over and the curtains are closed.

The two nurses have a passionate, carnal relationship with the doctor who is their direct superior. A professional superior who, once they start having sex, becomes a slave to their lustful desires.

The two nurses all get an orgasm from their beautiful stud

After each end of the work day, the nurses and their doctor turn their office into a temple of sexual orgy. The two beautiful women have no qualms about sharing the same man and his cock together.

A man who in turn spares no effort to make them all reach seventh heaven. Positioned on the bed of analysis of the patients, they are ready to obtain the cure of their bodies through a vigorous penetration, source of indescribable enjoyments.

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