Beautiful blonde gets caught from behind in the subway

Beautiful blonde gets caught from behind in the subway

The night will be very long for the seductive blonde and her lover. After hours of dancing against each other in the club and turning each other on, they opt for a first round in the subway. They pulled down their pants and pulled up their tops for a very quick fuck.

The pretty blonde revealed her round, firm breasts, with nipples wildly pointed with desire. She would love for her lover to accompany her home to properly finish what they started in bed.

An orgasm so delicious and so fast for the naughty blonde

The power of desire that runs through their bodies is insurmountable for both lovers. They take refuge in the subway, stick to a wall and kiss languidly. The blonde answers with the same ardour to the kisses of his partner.

His fingers working to raise his sweater, to caress his flat belly and to open his fly. Her lover takes out one of her nipples and sucks it quickly. He strokes his cock as the blonde quickly pulls down his pants. He turns it over and brutally sinks into her, starting powerful back-and-forth movements.

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