Pretty blonde wears translucent lingerie and has her hands and thighs tied to the edge of a bed

Pretty blonde wears translucent lingerie and has her hands and thighs tied to the edge of a bed

For the past three years, the beautiful blonde has been the personal assistant to a senior broker at an influential financial firm. But what her other colleagues don’t know is that she also has a secret love life with her married boss. In fact, she is also his lover who does not hesitate to shower her with gifts so that she stays by his side indefinitely.

In return, she commits herself on her side to satisfy his slightest erotic fantasies. She is also held to keep a strict discretion on this idyll. Almost every night, the two partners of sex more than love meet in a hotel room to release their libidos.

After every day talking about numbers and transactions, making love with the beautiful blonde is for his boss, the way to release all the accumulated stress. Nevertheless, to make his fucking moments even more spicy, he doesn’t hesitate to make unconventional erotic requests to his mistress.

Beautiful blonde in submission mode to her boss during their sexual relations

When he feels like it, the lover of the beautiful blonde is in the mood for sadomasochism and bondage sexual practices during which he likes to lead the dance. But before that, he takes the time to contemplate his mistress after having suitably arranged her according to the whims of his fantasies.

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