Skinny blonde is on her knees on the floor with cum in her face and hair

Skinny blonde is on her knees on the floor with cum in her face and hair

The petite blonde offers a second round of blowjob to her lover’s big cock. Her eyes widen with pleasure as his sex is still imposing after a first spray of cum. She takes it again between her fine pink lips to titillate him and lead him slowly towards the bliss.

A memorable blowjob

She sucks greedily the glans of his penis until it reddens. She takes then the totality of the member in her mouth and begins her movements of back and forth, the hands always flat on her thighs. The eyes plunged in that of her lover, she carries out movements sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

She tightens more her cheeks to increase the rise of the pleasure in her body and she rejoices to hear it growl. The young man extends his hand to knead one of the breasts of the blonde and titillate her nipple. She moans against his cock and stops her movements for a moment.

The hands grabbing her head, he takes control of the movements and forces her to perform frantic movements. The blonde is satisfied with herself when a large amount of the hot liquid spills into her mouth. She opens her lips to let flow the liquid on her chest.

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