Two blondes with tattoos and piercings make love

Two blondes with tattoos and piercings make love

One is lying on her back and inserts her finger in her vagina while the other one allows the first one to do a cunnilingus. Big breasts are noticed on the chest of the young woman who performs the cunnilingus. She also wears a piercing in the navel. The second woman as for her, has a tattoo on the hip.

In full action

The two women apply themselves to give pleasure, but also to take some. She introduces her middle finger in her den while continuing to lick her partner. She then introduces the little finger in addition to the middle finger in order to continue to stimulate her vulva while insisting a little more on the licking.

The blonde who was being licked felt a great excitement coming from her lower abdomen. An excitement that went far beyond an ordinary orgasm. Her partner knew perfectly how to stimulate her G-spot. She was like in another world. She didn’t know what she was saying. And suddenly, the blonde who was practicing cunnilingus noticed a stream of water coming out of her partner’s pussy. It was the very first time she had cum like this.

The young blonde woman who was inserting her fingers into her vagina was also cooled by an orgasm that ran through her body. 

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